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MeMOM is a software that brings the manufacturers to tomorrow just now. If you need to sort out your manufacturing operations, automate and optimise your production planning and scheduling, as well as take your resources to the higher level of efficiency, MeMOM is for you. Recent, innovative and state-of-the-art technologies developed within the scientific ecosystem are now available for you. 



MeMOM gives you all you need to manage manufacturing operations in your smart factories, regardless the size of your business. We can rise your factory to the highest 6th level of digitalisation if you are at the beginning of your automatization journey or push you forward if you already started but need more or the other MOM systems failed to solve your problems. The more variable production and smaller size of a single batch (lot-size-one), the better results you can achieve with MeMOM. All features are available for monthly fees that are to be covered with your savings generated thanks to MeMOM. Just try and see.   


We like agile businesses and processes. We have designed our software in a way that you are able to start working with it yourself and just now. We have prepared video courses to make it easier for you. Start using MeMOM today: without drawing up thousands of pages of specifications and implementation contracts, without costs of analysis and without being disappointed with the final product you gain. You can try our solution right away and see how it can boost your production business. However, if you need our support in implementing MeMOM, we are here to help - get in touch.

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