Who we are

We are a group of IT, programming, and business professionals with years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce MeMOM, a ground-breaking solution that completely redefines production operations management in terms of how the product works, what capabilities it delivers, and how it is implemented in your organisation.

We have been building MeMOM on the cutting-edge of technology, in collaboration with leading scientific institutions within the EU on innovative and research programs.

We are on a mission to transform production organisations into agile, smart factories of tomorrow. These factories will be capable of adapting continuously to changing conditions thanks to the decision-making processes that take advantage of high data quality available in real time.

Meet our Team

Dobieslaw Chabrzyk
Founder, CEO, Head of Product

Dobiesław is our creative visionary and brings a unique blend of innovation and passion to the team. He has more than 15 years of experience in various industries as a product owner of manufacturing management solutions used by leaders in various manufacturing segments.

Anna Świtalska
Founder, CFO

Anna is the driving force behind the company's product communication, legal affairs and financial operations. She made a splash in the world of finance by landing the role of Chief Financial Officer and Head of Investor Relations at some of Poland's top gas trading companies.

Łukasz Głaz
Software Architect

Łukasz is the guy you want on your team when you're looking to take on the biggest challenges. He's got first-hand experience of cutting-edge enterprise products, planning, execution tracking and artificial intelligence solutions.