Seamless Integration Capabilities

We understand that your business may already be using industry-leading software and hardware solutions. That's why MeMOM ensures a smooth, interconnected environment across all aspects of your manufacturing operations. Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with a broad range of systems and devices, enhancing operational efficiency and data reliability through standardized communication protocols.

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IoT & PLCs

MeMOM's integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices employs Big Data technologies to process and analyze data from multiple high-frequency sources efficiently. This integration includes IoT devices such as energy consumption sensors, scales, temperature sensors, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), all facilitated by the MQTT protocol for efficient data transfer.

Our system collects data from various sources across the industrial environment and aggregates and processes this information to historicize the data and provide manufacturing insights. Processed data plays a pivotal role in enhancing production efficiency and reliability. For instance, predictive analytics can be employed to anticipate equipment failures before they materialize, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Similarly, real-time data analytics can optimize operations, adjust production schedules in real time, and enhance overall supply chain performance.


ERP Systems

MeMOM offers intelligent integration with ERP systems that effectively synchronizes supply chain management with operations and production plans, providing a seamless, consistent flow of data across the organization. Our public RESTful API is a central component of this integration, allowing existing ERP systems to connect directly to the MeMOM platform. The data structures have been based on JSON, enabling them to be customized to meet different customer needs and easily integrate with different types of ERP systems.

Furthermore, the scope of integration can include various customized variants. We can integrate master data such as product details, customer information, and supplier lists, or transactional data such as purchase orders, inventory updates, and shipping information. Our API has been designed to seamlessly handle any combination of the aforementioned elements, both customized to the individual capabilities of the ERP system and its individual configuration at the customer's site.



MeMOM facilitates workflow and data collection by integrating with key peripherals, including RFID readers, barcode scanners, and printers. This integration streamlines tracking, labeling, and logistics operations, creating a seamless, continuous workflow from production line to shipping.

By connecting these devices directly to our platform, MeMOM provides direct and immediate access to all peripheral data, facilitating real-time monitoring and management. By integrating these peripherals, companies can automate many aspects of their manufacturing and logistics processes. For instance, RFID readers can provide real-time updates on product locations, enhancing inventory accuracy and visibility. Barcode scanners expedite the tracking process, ensuring that each component or product is accounted for and properly recorded in real time. Integrated printers facilitate on-demand printing of shipping labels and documents, reducing errors and delays that can occur with manual processes.