Why do customers choose MeMOM?


Because we have an experienced team

Our team boasts an average of 15 years of experience in the construction of this class of solutions, validated in factories across the globe.


Because we can solve the most difficult use cases

From the outset, our solution was designed to support the most challenging scheduling and production data collection processes, which our competitors were losing projects on.


Because we offer exactly what our customers want

Simple solution to manage highly complex manufacturing processes. Tailored to your specific needs and available in a single platform, unlike the offerings of major software providers.


Because we have transparent pricing

Our customers are not required to spend time soliciting quotes and meeting with sales representatives.


Because we offer a subscription model

We limit the financial risk of unsuccessful implementation and lack of return on investment to small amounts.


Because we let you try before you invest your time and money

We offer a trial version for a small fee so that the customer can test our solution.


Because we offer a public and private cloud-based application

Our solution is designed for rapid deployment without the need for a large IT team or expensive equipment.


Because we avoid vendor locking

Because we do not block the use of proprietary software and hardware. Integration with MeMOM is easy and standards-based. We do not force customers to work only with us.


Because we are able to combine the past and the future in a single solution

Our solution is the only one on the market that has been designed from the ground up to integrate real-time scheduling and execution without the need for additional integrations or vendors.