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  • Can I get a free trial of MeMOM?
    It is possible. Send us a request and we answer asap.
  • Can I see a demo of the MeMOM?
    Yes. Send us a message with a request and we will answer asap.
  • Which industries is MeMOM dedicated to?
    MeMOM can be used in a variety of industries. We have gained customers so far in metal processing and plastic moulding.
  • Is it possible to deploy MeMOM on-premise?
    Yes. Please contact us on this.
  • Is there a Gantt chart functionality?
    Yes, your resources (machines, robots, workers) capacities are visualised on a Gantt chart, where you can see what production tasks and steps are scheduled and executed in real time.
  • What is production terminal?
    That is a mobile device dedicated for shop floor workers (a tablet, mobile phone or a laptop). MeMOM application enables shop floor workers to receive their task though this device, steer the machines and robots, report on events and data received on the shop floor.
  • How can I resign from the MeMOM?
    MeMOM is available under a 'pay-as-you-go' licence, which means that is based on subscription and a typical SaaS model. You can use the application only if you pay monthly subscription. If you do not pay, it means that you resigned from using it.
  • Can I migrate from one subscription option to another?
    Yes, you can either upgrade (every moment) or downgrade the subscription (after the subscription period end).
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